Hello there!

My name is Peter J Casey, an animation enthusiast!  Welcome to my website!  Click down below to see my demo reel and Resume!


Resume Word Doc

Demo Reel

Shot Breakdown:

All shots use 3ds max, photoshop, after effects, and Premiere Pro unless stated otherwise.   All shots are from personal short films of mine.

1:  Wanted to do a classic moment where the character runs off of the cliff and fails to realize it.  I never converted over to spline tangents to challenge myself to not rely on the computer at all.  The character is a modified version of Chis Neuhahn’s character rig “Mr_GEN.”  I added eyes so it can show more thought proses.

2: 11 second club entry.  The Rabbit is my own personal character rig that has complex facial bones system in it to allow the animator to mold each expression as if they were sculpting clay.   No annoying floating sliders or menus to open up.

3:  This piece does not use 3ds max but tried and true paper and pencil.  It was quite fun to animate that bosom on the princess.

4: My two, very simple character so I could focus on making them emote.

5:  CAT rig system is use here.  This shows a cheetah taking down a gazelle.


~ by peterjcasey on March 24, 2010.

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